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Fennel and Cabbage Chicken Salad

Confession, my obsession with chicken salad is unhealthy and unnatural.  I top salads with it, make sandwiches with it, top crackers with it… I will even eat it straight out of the deli container with a fork (I know, I’m ashamed just writing that out).  With all of that being said, I’m very particular about my chicken salad; I don’t like too much mayo and I won’t eat it if it tastes like the chicken came from a can.  Both Mariano’s and Cafe Baci have a pretty stellar chicken salad that I could definitely, without any doubt, eat my body weight in.  I’m serious.

I started making my own chicken salad so I could control the quality of ingredients (especially if I was going to be eating 2 lbs. at a time…).  I wanted to reduce the amount of mayo used and focus on organic ingredients.  In this recipe, I’ve traded celery for organic fennel and organic red cabbage, I’ve also added Dijon mustard for extra flavor.




I should mention, if you intend on using a rotisserie chicken, be cautious of the amount of salt you add.  Rotisserie chicken from the grocery store is heavily seasoned.

Always taste as you go!




The addition of fennel gives the salad a nice clean taste.



Let me know if you try this recipe!

Until next time,

Love, Lephan

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