Don(u)t you love me?

Asked the donut. Obviously I answered with a YES YES YES! A couple of weekends ago, S and I stumbled into Firecakes Donuts on our way back from the Green City Farmers market (hey we had to offset all that kale we bought). We ordered one too many donuts and some iced coffees and sat by the window to people watch.  I adore the space they have up in Lincoln Park.  There’s a cute little area to sit and watch the world go by.  It’s charmingly rustic and includes one of my favorite pieces of furniture, a beautiful, sturdy wooden dining table set smack in the center as the spaces focal point (obvi second to the donuts)!

In my opinion, Chicago has the best donuts in the country, and Firecakes Donuts happen to be one of my favorites.   They make a variety of flavors and types of donuts, catering to your specific needs.  My favorite is the glazed old fashioned and the cinnamon apple fritter (seasonal), but honestly you cannot go wrong with any of their donuts.  It actually takes all of my will when walking by the shop and/or the food truck to NOT buy anything. Like…every ounce of me.

Firecakes Donuts

Check out these donuts… I mean, #foodporn… for real tho…

I mean, look at that sexy fritter!  #Swoon

Apple Fritter

Check her out.. how is she not walking the runways of Paris?

Hay there sexy thang!

Firecakes Donuts X Macarons and Lavender

Maple bacon pineapple

“Where you from, you sexy thang?”

Firecakes Donuts X Macarons and Lavender Firecakes Donuts X Macarons and Lavender

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