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Fermented Fruit Kvass

What is Kvass you ask?  Well, traditionally Kvass is a Russian fermented beverage, made with rye flour or bread with malt.  I know, right… ick, but no “ick” to the Fruit Kvass. This version is sweet, refreshing and effervescent.  It is versatile and you can make it with a variety of fruit combinations to suit your pallet!  Oh and the best part, it is still packed with all the good happy probiotic enzymes for your digestive system.  A happy digestive system equals a happier you!

Macarons and Lavander Finished Kvass

This recipe is easy AF and it’s so quick. It only takes about 48-72 hours.  You could start it Friday after work and it will be ready for you to have and to hold by Monday.

So, let’s talk about how I discovered amazing concoction.  Have any of you heard of Laura Miller?  Well, I first discovered her about a month ago when the Tastemade SnapChat (Follow me on the Snaps @LoveLephan) featured one of her recipes.  I was instantly intrigued, after some intense google stalking and binge watching her Tastemade cooking show (Raw.Vegan.Not Gross), she quickly became one of my favorite internet humans (that sounds weird, I know).  I really enjoyed her approach to food, especially veganism and her quirky sense of humor.  Laura doesn’t push veganism down your throat. She’s very much like Nikki Reed in that sense, encouraging a plant based diet in a manner void of judgement if you choose to only be part-time vegan.

Okay, I’m getting off track… Laura posted this video to her website and I knew that I had to give it a try, since I”m a sucker for Kombucha (if you follow me on Instagram (@lovelephan) you already know.  Oh and I’ll document my Kombucha making in a later post).  This was much easier than I expected and it tasted great (I’m still alive, I was worried that I would do something wrong and end up giving myself food poisoning).  I fermented the cocktail for two days, I think I would go for three days the next time around to develop more bubbles.  The flavors were pretty spot on and delicious!  This original recipe belongs to Laura Miller’s friend Melanie Foremann (@GoldFeather), check it here.

Macarons and Lavender Strawberry

Let’s get started!Macarons and Lavender

Macarons and Lavender Finished Kvass 2

You will need… 

2- 1qt mason jars (#hipster)

2- pieces of paper towel or cheese cloth

2- Organic Apples, cored and diced

2- 1 inches peeled organic ginger, diced

1/4 cup- Organic Sage, roughly chopped

1/4 cup- Organic Mint leafs, roughly chopped

1.5 cups – Organic Strawberries, quartered and de-stemmed

2 to 4 tbsp. of Raw Organic Honey

Filtered or bottled H2O


In one mason jar combine Strawberries, Mint leafs, 1/2 the Ginger, Honey and fill with H2O to the top , shake aggressively to dissolve the honey. 
Macarons and Lavender KvassMacarons and Lavender Kvass Making
In the second mason jar, combine Apples, Sage, the remainder of the Honey.  Fill with H2O to the top, shake aggressively to dissolve the honey.

Macarons and Lavender Kvass Jars

Secure both jars with a cheese cloth or a piece of paper towel.Macarosn and Lavender Fermenting Jars

Place jars on the counter to ferment for 48-72 hours at room temperature.

You will start to notice some bubbles have risen got the top of the jar. That just means it’s doing it’s job correctly!

Once the fermentation process is complete, remove fruit and store in the refrigerator for up to a week!

Comment below with your thoughts on this, if you have any recommendations for me to improve my carbonation.

Love, Lephan

Macarons and Lavender Cheers

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